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LM2 Creative

The more platforms emerge and the greater the clutter of the internet in the name of SEO, the true reason why a business or brand exists for their customer is getting lost.


Established in 2016, we have honed a strategic process to develop creative.

Pre-Public Relations.

Well Before A Media Buy.

Not An Agency. A Marketing Consultancy.


We give you a bespoke playbook to bring to your vendors and teams.


We were journalists.

Now we're culturists

Expanding Brands

No consumer journey is linear. Organizations need to understand how immediate and future societal shifts create everything from desirability to backlash for their business.

LM2 Creative crafts a thread between all your marketing channels, so messaging, chosen partnerships, and content immediately registers as YOU, eliminating confusion and competition while building loyalty in the process.



Lynn Furge is the Founder and Chief Creative Consultant at LM2 Creative. Risk, experience, innovation within the world of marketing put her as the creative lead to strike first of its kind partnerships for brands with media companies, TV segments, digital hospitality giants, mining for new demographics and revenue growth as she worked.


After seven years creating content for editorial media publishers from Dennis Publishing to Conde Nast, Lynn was recruited to bring her unique editorial creative strategy to global media agencies (Publicis, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy). 


She has since served as CMO on the C-suite launch team and board of advisors for seed funded start-ups.




Giuliana Galant is a creative director and designer based in New York City.


She began her career in the art departments at several Hearst magazines, attended Miami Ad School, worked at media agencies big and boutique, and is now leading projects from identity design to 360 campaigns for heritage and start-up brands.


She collaborates with copywriters, designers, photographers, and illustrators to bring her creative concepts to life. Giuliana is hands-on from brainstorm to production. 

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