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Increase awareness and sales for the SKII brand in the US market where there is currently 1% penetration through a 360 Integrated branded content offering, while keeping the global brand purpose “being the best you without compromise” front and center.



She believes she is “at war with aging,” or eventually will be, and she wants to be armed

with all the tools she needs to live her life so she’s in control. She’s not one to just sit idly by and let life happen.


She is empowered by the many choices around her, taking what she needs to create her own, unique path forward.



Forging the first-ever partnership of a media company and advertising agency, Leo Burnett and The Huffington Post we will combine brand purpose with influencers and journalists to prove the brands claims of "being you without compromise" we will ignite transformation through the power of storytelling...


Truth Serum


Creative Direction

Content Strategy

Media Partnership

Mother ang child cuddling in the bed for a SKII promotion
Misa Kuranaga featured in SKII change destiny story
SKII Facial Treatment featured in 5 Game changing beauty product
Face of SKII Momoi Kaori tells here story about changing her destiny
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