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Quaker Oats Official banner for their wellness festival


Give the loyal to oatmeal Baby Boomer customer a Quaker brand experience that highlights the health benefits of the grain beyond just breakfast. 


Aging, weight gain, health issues, and financial hardship are common events faced by Boomers, posing a challenge for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nearly all believe they have at least “some” control over their health, yet 81% acknowledge they could be doing more to improve it.



Rise and Thrive Wellness Festival

In partnership with Thrive Global and AARP we created the first-ever Boomer Wellness Festival gathering like-minded people who are passionate about how nutrition, mindfulness, and fitness can help enhance health and improve their daily lives.

The single-day festival experience incorporated movement, mindfulness, healthy cooking demonstrations, a live podcasting stage, a robust marketplace, and inspiring speakers including Ariana Huffington, Joan Lunden, Agapi Stassinopoulos, David Stewart, Jessamyn Stanley, Candise Kumai and many more. The centerpiece of the event was a phenomenal community brunch hosted by Chef Art Smith, and featuring delicious and unexpected preparations of Quaker’s classic oats.


A sold-out festival. A slew of content for Quaker to amplify their message. A Q-Munity of brand advocates. And a lot of new friends. 

Ariana Huffington launches the Thrive Wellness Festival

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