Coca-colas global summer


Create a 360 Integrated campaign for Coca-Cola's Global Summer 2017 Campaign led by regional influencers starting with packaging design and working through digital campaign, influencer strategy, social media strategy and experiential events. 



Gen Z revels in the small, surprising shareable moments making their world it's own brand of EPIC.



No matter where you are at this very moment what if a sip of your refreshing  Coca-Cola could take you somewhere this summer?


Coca-Cola  & Snapchat Drink & See Where Summer Takes You – #bestsummercoke

Design Theme

Thriple color them for coca-cola summer campaign
Two different themes for coca-colas summer campaign

Plus Suprise Reveal Imagery =

Coca-Cola Snapchat Partnership

(play video)

guy jumping off a cliff while holding a inflattble coca cola bottle
Teenagers enjoying the coca-cola drink while at the beach


Two guys riding a skateboard for coca-colas summer campaign
Coca-cola and Snapchats summer campaign
Coca-colas and snapchats summer campaign print ad


Coca-colas bottle with a zipline ride
Collage of people trying out ziplining
Coca-Cola bottle with background of people at the beach
Collage of people jumping in a trampoline
Coca-Cola bottle Inflatable roller float
Collage of people using inflatable roller wheels and balls

In Store

Posters of coca-cola and snapchats summer campaign
Poster of summer campaig next to a coca-cola bottle

And Some Snapchat-worth Swag Exclusively from Coca-Cola

Collection of Coca-colas summer campaign merchandise
Collection of Coca-colas summer campaign merchandise