Athlete posing for Bridgestone sports


Create the first ever campaign for Bridgestone’s Olympic Partnership while operating within the overall brand promise of Your Journey. Our Passion.



For the customer each daily journey is their chance to compete and win, whether it be navigating traffic on the morning commute or taking their family to Saturday’s soccer game. They strive to be their best and look for anything that can help them take it to the next level.


IDEA (Consumer):

Just like Olympic Athletes are Built to Perform, so are Bridgestone Tires.


IDEA (Internal):

During these Olympic Games Turn Passion into Performance – You are the coach. Your customers’ that come to you for expertise and guidance are the athletes, and the tires are the gear that will set them on their winning journey.

Three athletes running for bridgestone ad.

In Store

Three athletes representing bridgestones athletic program
Bridgestones duelerH/L tire product
Bridgestone driveguard tire product for long lasting ride
Bridgestones ecopia EP422 tire product
banners of athletes at the bridgestones store
poster of a running athlete for bridgestones athletic campaign
Different athletes posted outised the bridgestones store
Cycling athlete promoting bridgestone tire
Bridgestone tire promo ad
Bridgestone tire showroom with posters of different athletes.


Bridgestone motto for their athletic campaign.
Micheal Johnson a 4 time olympic gold medalist promoting bridgestone
Micheal Johnson giving coachin tips for the bridgestone campaign
Micheal Johnson holding a USA flag during his win in the olympics